Rigid beauty ideals and stereotypes are a burden to our society, they exist only to exacerbate division within our communities. By breaking conventions and removing people from these futile constructs and empowering the overlooked and underrepresented communities, I challenge this archaic view of what it means to be human. By toying with the concept of categorisation, I aim to produce playful, humorous and surreal imagery that questions the effects of labelling on identity. My portfolio constitutes an amalgamation of these themes, focusing predominantly on gender, diversity, individuality, the human condition, and freedom of choice.

I use storytelling to disrupt the flow of preconception and judgement within my work. By empowering each subject through their sensibilities, I’m able to create intimate, raw and sensitive images, designed to encourage both honesty and ambiguity, and explore the subtleties within human behaviour and identity politics. This is executed through the use of jaunty, vivid, saturated colour palettes and colour-blocking within my imagery.

Surrealism shakes off the limitations of the standardised world view; by constructing fantastical settings and scenes within my work, I am able to show and invite others to understand my subjects as they truly are, legitimising each and every individual throughout the varied sectors of fashion, documentary and portraiture. By leading my creative collaborations on set, I can perfect every minute detail within the image-making process, to create authentic representation and relatable imagery.

Here’s to a new sense of normality.

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Bex Day is a photographer and director from London. Her work focuses on challenging rigid beauty ideals and the themes of gender, identity, diversity and freedom of choice.